Game Development in Scratch


In this course, students will develop block-coding skills using Scratch, an online coding platform. The focus for this course will be on useful mechanics for game development, such as character movement, tracking health points, damage, and inventory, navigating through different locations across a map, among other things. Students will be tasked with creating small games to practice these skills. This course is designed to accommodate those with little to no coding experience, so may be a slow start for students with more advanced skills. However, as the course progresses we’ll look at more complex coding, and students who have taken a a Scratch course at Matamoe Hub before will still learn some new things.


Term 2


Thursday 9th May – Thursday 4th July (9 weeks)

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Venue: Matamoe Hub, Scots College

Ages: Year 4 – Year 9

Cost: Free

Requirements: A laptop that can connect to Wi-fi.  (Matamoe Hub does have the facility to provide a device upon request and prior arrangement for use in class)

Tutors: Brianna, Maya



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