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Early Māori inhabitats of the Miramar peninsula used the Kaiwaka stream as one of their main food sources. The Kaiwaka stream was located in the vicinity of Awa Road, linked to Rotokura here in the Miramar flats. Tuna / eels of the Matamoe and Haumate species were brought from Te Awa Kairangi in the Hutt Valley and released into Rotokura (or Para by later inhabitants).

The Matamoe and Haumate tuna flourished in the puna wai / water flow in Miramar, Strathmore area in these early times. They were a kai resource for the Māori tribes in the area, including Ngai Tara, Ngati Ira, Te Ati awa, Ngati toa Rangatira.

Ngā kai o te Rangatira, he korero – Collaborative discussions and being open to new ideas is the food of good Leaders.

Te Puna Ora O Ngā Matamoe (Matamoe Hub) is a place for students with an interest and a passion in the digital creative and technology fields to come together to collaborate and learn, flourishing in the collaborative waters of digital technologies here on Miramar Peninsula.

Matamoe Hub provides students access to the required facilities and equipment, tutors and importantly is a place where they can meet other students with a passion just like theirs. Our thanks to FNZ who’s support has made this community possible and these resources accessible to all.

For many students, robotics, coding and digital technology is already a hobby, but a hobby that sets them up with vital transferrable skills for their future such as digital literacy, problem solving and creative thinking.

Matamoe hub is located at Scots College run outside of school hours. It is open to any students Years 5 to 13 in the community, you do not need to have an association to Scots College.

The Matamoe Hub courses are run by tutors with experience in the digital technology areas.

We invite any schools, parents or student to get in touch either by registering for a course that interests them or to find out more about what’s on offer.

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