Expression of Interest Survey


This is an expression of interest survey for holiday workshops and Term 3 courses at Matamoe Hub. Not everything listed below will go ahead, we will use your input to inform decisions about which courses to prioritize. You may fill out the form once for all students, or separately for each student if they have different preferences. We greatly appreciate your input and hope to offer a programme which caters to the interests of all our students.

    Select all holiday workshop options you are interested in attending (all workshops will run 9am - 3pm over 2 days): Web Design - 3rd & 4th JulyWeb Design - 5th & 6th JulyCreating Worlds using Virtual Reality - 3rd & 4th JulyCreating Worlds using Virtual Reality - 5th & 6th JulyGame Design in GDevelop - 3rd & 4th JulyGame Design in GDevelop - 5th & 6th July

    Select all Term 3 courses you are interested in attending: Web Design3D PrintingGame Design in GDevelopCreating Worlds using Virtual RealityCoding in PythonCoding in ScratchCode ClubRobotics

    Select all days you are interested in attending in Term 3: MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdaySaturday (morning)Saturday (afternoon)