January 2022 School Holiday Workshops


Game Developers Workshop

Kōkihi: Begin to grow

Dates: Tuesday 18 & Wednesday 19 January
Tutors: Brianna & Leonard

In this two-day school holiday workshop students will begin their journey as game developers using Gamefroot to design and build a platformer game to bring home for their family and friends to play. They will design the look and feel of their game and choose features of gameplay including rewards, obstacle and levelling up. They will learn how to use coding and logic techniques to connect all the elements and produce an exciting and engaging game. Ages 7 – 13


Robotics Workshop

Waihanga: Build and create

Dates: Tuesday 25 & Wednesday 26 January
Tutors: Brianna

In this two-day school holiday workshop students will begin their journey as robotics engineers. They will learn how to design, build, and program robots to take on a complex task. They will learn some basic engineering, computer programming, problem solving, and scientific concepts around movement. They will then use their robot to complete a pre-designed challenge at the end of the 2 days which will be recorded so families and friends can share in their achievements. Ages 7 – 13

Details for both workshops
No prior experience is required. Students just need a device that can connect to wifi. Matamoe hub does have the facility to provide a device upon request and prior arrangement for use for the day.
Cost: $40 per workshop, this is to assist us in covering administration costs for the day.
Students will need to bring their own morning tea and lunch and will have access to the College’s playground during break times.
Venue: Matamoe Hub, Scots College
Student Year Levels: 4-9


Brianna is working towards a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics at Victoria University. Passionate about maths from a young age she picked up programming while at Intermediate School. Since, Brianna has gained experience in a broad range of programming languages, including Java, Python, ChucK, and HTML/CSS, among others. She has also participated in both the New Zealand Programming Contest and the New Zealand Informatics Competition multiple times.

Brianna is also an experienced Kids Church Leader. A role that involves teaching, facilitating games, and engaging the kids in small-group discussion. Brianna really enjoys helping kids to explore new ideas and watching them learn.

Both workshops are currently full, however we invite registrations for the wait list should any students be unable to attend.



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