Intro to Programming

Students learn to create their version of the digital world around them. They will be able to express their creativity, problem solve and collaborate as they learn this new language. Students will use Scratch, a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

During this eight week course students will gain an introduction to the world of coding, basic movements, games and animation, ultimately building their own project.

Term 3

Cost:   Free
Requirements: A laptop that can connect to Wii-fi. No prior coding experience required. (Matamoe hub does have the facility to provide a device upon request and prior arrangement for use in class)
Dates: To be confirmed
Venue: Matamoe Hub

Tutor – Kristopher

Kristopher graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a bachelor’s degree in Computing. He was employed by FDM, an IT consultancy firm based in the UK, and was placed to Hong Kong and Shang Hai Bank (aka HSBC) for more than three years. Due to the nature of the job as an IT consultant, he has extensive experience in different IT areas including business intelligence solution architect, fintech adoption, system modeling, data analytics, web development, artificial intelligence.

Through his work Kristropher has achieved three months of intensive training in Java, SQL, web development, and alongside training in BI and Cloud Solutions. He has close to a decades experience in programming, a great understanding of coding principles and proper coding practice.

Outside of the world of IT Kristopher also has four years of experience in tutoring. He was a part-time tutor at the Hong Kong Education Service Centre where he mainly taught programming, mathematics, English, Chinese, Basketball, Dancing, and Magic. He has good experience in working with children and assisting them in understanding and working with complex concepts using interesting but accurate metaphors.

There is a class size limit of 15 students. If your registration is received after we have reached this limit you will be automatically added to a waitlist. A member of the Matamoe Hub team will be in touch to advise.



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