Coding and Robotics Club

A place for students to come together to enhance, grow and explore their passion for technology. It is meant for students who have little to no experience with programming or robotics. They will explore Scratch, Lego Robotics, Python and a variety of other languages and electronics. This gives these aspiring coders and programmers a chance to explore their passion in robotics, building and programming languages.

Term 4

Requirements: A device that can connect to wifi.
No prior experience is required. (Matamoe hub does have the facility to provide a device upon request and prior arrangement for use in class).
Saturdays 10:30am – 12:30pm
Dates: 30 October – 4 December
Venue: Matamoe Hub
Student Year Levels: 4-9
Tutor: Vinnie & Brianna


Vinnie has been experimenting, building, coding and working with digital tech since he was eight years old and is passionate about sharing this with other young students. In addition to digital tech Vinnie is a keen sportsman coaching floorball and has been nominated for a Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award.







Brianna is working towards a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics at Victoria University. Passionate about maths from a young age she picked up programming while at Intermediate School. Since, Brianna has gained experience in a broad range of programming languages, including Java, Python, ChucK, and HTML/CSS, among others. She has also participated in both the New Zealand Programming Contest and the New Zealand Informatics Competition multiple times.

Brianna is also an experienced Kids Church Leader. A role that involves teaching, facilitating games, and engaging the kids in small-group discussion. Brianna really enjoys helping kids to explore new ideas and watching them learn.




There is a class size limit of 15 students. If your registration is received after we have reached this limit you will be automatically added to a waitlist. A member of the Matamoe Hub team will be in touch to advise.



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