Robotics Club

At robotics club students will design, build, and program robots that can take on a variety of challenges. They will learn some basic engineering, computer programming, problem solving, and scientific concepts around movement.  Students will also have the opportunity to form teams and work towards entering  Robocup in 2022.

Term 1

Cost: Free
Requirements: A laptop that can connect to Wii-fi. No prior coding experience required. (Matamoe hub does have the facility to provide a device upon request and prior arrangement for use in class)
Dates: Saturdays. 12 February – 9 April
Venue: Matamoe Hub, Scots College
School Year: 4-9
Time: 10.30am – 12pm
Tutor: Vinnie & Leonard


Vinnie has been experimenting, building, coding and working with digital tech since he was eight years old and is passionate about sharing this with other young students. In addition to digital tech Vinnie is a keen sportsman coaching floorball and has been nominated for a Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award.







Leonard is working towards a Bachelor of Engineering with honours majoring in Software Engineering at Victoria University. Leonard’s interest in coding began after first being introduced to this digital world during his Year 11 year at school, shortly after first arriving in New Zealand. His new passion inspired him to enter a Python course in Year 12 and continued to grow from there. Leonard is keen to introduce others to the world of coding, using the knowledge he has gained from his studies.

There is a class size limit of 15 students. If your registration is received after we have reached this limit you will be automatically added to a waitlist. A member of the Matamoe Hub team will be in touch to advise.



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